Abrams College, located in Modesto, California, provides high quality vocational training to residents of California in the pursuit of a specific vocational career.  Founded by Daniel Lucky in 1990, Abrams College has evolved as an institution of higher learning similar with the vocational standards of larger universities and colleges.  With an alumni base of thousands and growing Abrams College strives to meet the highest of standards for vocational education.

Motivated men and women who are eager to enter the medical or legal workforce come from all parts of California to seek a highly-effective education geared to meet the job market needs of our community.

College Mission Statement

The mission of Abrams College is to provide high quality vocational education that is not only cost effective but time efficient for residents of California.
Non-Discrimination Policy
Abrams College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, heritage, religion, creed or age.

Drug Free Environment

Abrams College operates in a drug free environment.  Any form of illicit drug or alcohol use will cause immediate termination from Abrams College and will be reported to the local authorities as appropriate.

Courses Conducted in English

All courses are conducted in the English language.  Abrams College does not offer any course for English as a second language.

Grading & Student Assessment Policy

Abrams College will provide both written and, as applicable to the program, skills assessment examination to students.  The minimum passing grade for each program is 70%-80%, depending on the program, for cumulative examinations and satisfactory scores on all skills exams, as applicable.