Emergency Medical Technician

Start Dates:

  • September 13th, 2024
  • November 1st, 2024
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Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) provide emergency care for the critically injured in the pre-hospital care environment.  EMT’s are trained to provide patients with all facets of Basic Life Support including, muscle-skeletal immobilization, oxygen and glucose administration, emergency childbirth and manage other critical emergencies.

Working Environment

EMT’s work in many different settings.  They can be found working for ambulance companies, fire departments, police departments, medically oriented rescue programs, forest services, health clinics, emergency rooms, trauma centers and within industrial organizations.

Individuals interested in pursuing this field must be aware that providing care in emergencies is very stressful and must be considered prior to entering the field.

Salary & Benefits

E.M.T.’s  enjoy many benefits including workers’ compensation, medical and dental insurance and retirement plans.  The rate of pay and applicable benefits vary, depending on work experience, provider agency and seniority within an agency.

E.M.T. Course

Abrams College offers a 6-week, 170-hour program for the certificate of completion for “EMT.”  Upon successful completion of this course, the individual will be eligible for California EMT certification and National Registration as an Emergency Medical Technician Basic.

Components covered within the program include anatomy and physiology; basic cardiac life support; bleeding control and management; legal and ethical responsibilities of the EMT; labor and delivery emergencies; pediatric, ob-gyn and geriatric emergencies; muscle-skeletal and nervous system emergencies; cardiac and respiratory emergencies; multiple casualty incidents; simple triage and rapid treatment; behavioral and psychiatric emergencies as well as ambulance modules.

E.M.T. Course Schedule

The E.M.T. program runs for six consecutive weeks.  Each week is scheduled on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Students are expected to attend each and every day.

Course Location

This course is only available at the Modesto Campus.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Please refer to the tuition and financial assistance section.

Abrams College provides certification for both initial and renewal certifications through American Heart Association. For more information on certification scheduling and fees, please contact us at 209-527-7777 or email us at [email protected]