Over 95% of our students receive some form of financial assistace for their education.  Because of this, Abrams College has developed a separate brochure, titled, “Financial Assistance.”  If you have not received this with your catalog, please call us at (209)527-7777.

Financing Has Never Been Easier…

Abrams College offers direct financing for all students.  The benefit of our financing is that there are no credit applications to complete; there are no “extra fees” associated with financing through Abrams College.  Abrams College offers a 0.00% loan for all programs.  The only qualifying factor is that the student be accepted into the program and that he or she accept financial responsibility to pay back the loan.


Attendance, Tardiness, Dropout & Leave-Of-Absence Policy

Students who are not on time for the course are considered tardy.  Students who are more than 5 minutes late are considered absent for the class day.  Students who miss more than the allowed days for the program are dropped from the school roster.
Because all of our programs are short-term, there are no leave-of-absences.  If the student withdraws or is dropped from the program, he or she must make up the course work for the entire program.

Tuition Refunds

We at Abrams College understand that events outside of the control of the student may cause them to drop from the course.  Because of this, we have designed a clear, concise and uniform refund policy.  First, any written contract or agreement signed by a prospective student shall not become operative until the student attends the first class or session of instruction.

Refunds, less the deposit will be provided to students on a prorata basis.  For example, if the student only completes 25% of their education for the $2,275.00 pharmacy technician program, then the student only is expected to pay 25% of the tuition or $568.75.  Any money paid above and beyond will be refunded.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. All books and related course materials are non-refundable.  Should any class be canceled the student will be provided with a full refund, including their deposit.

All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to Daniel S. Lucky, care of Abrams College, 201 East Rumble Road, Ste. E, Modesto, California  95350.