We have an open door policy for resolving concerns in real time.  If you are unhappy about any element of instruction, you are encouraged to contact or write David Mitchell  at 201 East Rumble Road, Ste. E,  or call (209) 527-7777.  If the problem is not corrected, you may then contact Daniel Lucky, president of the College at the same address and phone number.  If we are still unable to resolve your concerns, you are encouraged to call or write to the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau for Private Post secondary Education, 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833.  They may be called at (916) 431-6959.

The instructional staff of Abrams College will provide information related to mandatory licensure.  Depending on the program of study, the graduate may start the day after graduation in their respective field of study.  Registered Pharmacy Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, Massage Therapists and Paramedics require California and/or regional licensure/certification prior to working.  Abrams College will provide all the necessary information and documents for each student prior to graduation, which will expedite the process of procuring employment.

Abrams College has a certified nurse practitioner on staff to direct all aspects of the medical based programs.  Abrams College is one of the few institutions in California that is owned and operated by a registered mobile intensive care nurse and paramedic. All components of the program are coordinated by a licensed registered nurse who has extensive experience in the health care community.  Staff instructors are hand selected for their expertise, experience and education within their respective field.

YES. Abrams College is dedicated to providing high-quality education to each and every student.  We ensure high-quality and personal attention to students by being very selective with our instructional and supportive staff as well as our training curriculum.  Abrams College appreciates the fact that all students are individuals.  At Abrams College, we are not accountable for corporate profits to a larger conglomerate; we are accountable only to the success of our students.

Unlike other learning institutions, we do not use “canned curricula” designed by textbook publishing companies geared to maximize textbook sales.  Each and every program curriculum has been designed by the medical and executive staff of Abrams College.  This is evident in our program syllabi and course curriculum, of which each student receives a copy on the first day of the course.  Prospective students are encouraged to review any program curriculum from any school prior to enrolling.

YES. Abrams College has an outstanding PAYMENT PLAN option that ALL students are eligible for, once accepted into the program.  Our payment program is geared to meet any student need regardless of their current financial situation.  For a complete listing of these fees, please refer to the tuition section.

Abrams College is a contracted provider for educational services with the Stanislaus County Department of Education and Training.  This organization provides four levels of service to assist graduates in obtaining employment after graduating.  Trained counselors with DET are available to assist the graduate in obtaining employment.  Depending on the graduate’s specific financial and work history, the counselors will assess and provide supportive services to assist graduates in obtaining employment.

This has been the most widely asked question in the history of Abrams College.  There are many reasons why our tuition is only a fraction of the cost of other schools.  Abrams College provides education and training needed for individuals to gain employment within their respective field.  Abrams College will not provide education for a higher price to teach students to perform skills above their respective job scope.  For example, we do not teach medical assistants how to operate microscopes and identify specific pathogens due to the fact that this is not within the scope of practice for medical assistants.  We do not teach our paralegals students how to give legal advise, under the definition of the practice of law, because that is the scope of practice of an attorney, not a paralegal.  Abrams College does not incorporate a medical billing module within the Medical Transcription program due to the fact that medical billing is a separate field of expertise.

Where other schools may teach skills that are often not applicable to the work of their graduates at a greater tuition cost, Abrams College focuses on skills that graduates will need on a daily basis that are within the scope of work for the respective profession.  Abrams College does not include expensive items within the tuition such as laptop computers, due to the fact that Abrams College is in the business of education and training–not computer retail.

Abrams College is the leader of quality education at an affordable price.  Each program has a specific tuition fee as well as textbooks and materials fee.  For a complete listing of these fees, please refer to the tuition section.

Abrams College has designed and implemented educational programs to maximize time-efficiency.  Each program has a specific allotted time until graduation.  All courses are designated part-time, therefore allowing time for working adults to pursue their academic goals.  Please check the course schedule within this catalog for course times and days of the program of interest.

YES.  Abrams College is licensed by The California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education ( www.bppe.ca.gov ).  Abrams College is also licensed to provide continuing education credit for advanced programs of study.  Abrams College is also approved by the State of California Department of Public Health to provide phlebotomy training.

Have more questions? We have answers. (209) 527-7777