Will I get personalized education?

YES. Abrams College is dedicated to providing high-quality education to each and every student.  We ensure high-quality and personal attention to students by being very selective with our instructional and supportive staff as well as our training curriculum.  Abrams College appreciates the fact that all students are individuals.  At Abrams College, we are not accountable for corporate profits to a larger conglomerate; we are accountable only to the success of our students.

Unlike other learning institutions, we do not use “canned curricula” designed by textbook publishing companies geared to maximize textbook sales.  Each and every program curriculum has been designed by the medical and executive staff of Abrams College.  This is evident in our program syllabi and course curriculum, of which each student receives a copy on the first day of the course.  Prospective students are encouraged to review any program curriculum from any school prior to enrolling.