Medical Assistant

Start Dates:

  • September 4th, 2024
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Why Abrams College?

  • Program is 14 weeks (additional 80 hours of externship)
  • Externship is scheduled and coordinated by the school.
  • No additional fees for externship placements, lab fees or uniforms.
  • No previous medical experience is required to take a course, must be high school graduate.
  • Qualified instructors.
  • Friendly office staff is available to assist you.
  • Financial Assistance is available.
  • Free informational meetings (on Zoom and in person)
  • 27 years of experience in vocational education.

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Medical Assistants

Certified Medical Assistants provide direct patient care activities under the supervision of the licensed physician, surgeon or podiatrist in a variety of settings and capacities. The medical assistant assumes a leadership role as a medical professional.
Most medical assistant’s work directly with doctors and nurses to promote and maintain health for patients across the life span.  The medical assistant is responsible for maintaining patient advocacy while maintaining accountability to the profession and the consumer.  Medical Assistants may perform injections, medication administration, perform vital signs, schedule patients for examinations, perform front office duties as well as assist the doctor in minor surgical procedures.

Working Environment

The medical assistant can work in a variety of settings including physicians’ and surgeons’ offices, podiatrists offices, urgent care centers, correctional facilities, general hospitals, primary care clinics, health care clinic, health care provider registries, specialty clinics, volunteer health organizations, health maintenance organizations and ambulatory care clinics.
Generally, the medical assistant performs patient care activities directly with the doctor or assists with front office work, or a combination of both.

Salary & Benefits

Medical Assistants enjoy many benefits including workers’ compensation, medical and dental insurance and retirement plans depending on the employer. The starting pay for Medical Assistants varies, depending on the amount of experience and the specific area of employment.

Medical Assistant Course

Abrams College School of Medical Education offers a 14 week part time program leading to the Certificate of Completion for the Certified Medical Assistant.

The focus of the program is to confer certification to qualified applicants to provide technical and supportive services for patients in any health care setting.

The core training revolves around a three-tiered approach to medical education.  First the student is prepared in the basic sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, basic chemistry, ethics, and office procedure.

Second, the student is provided with a theoretical framework of medical applications.  The third portion of the training consists of the internship and practice.  This phase of instruction is comprised of supervised clinical practice in which the student participates in the application of learned skills in the clinical setting.

Graduates are provided with Medical Assistant Certification, a certificate of internship and CPR Certification.

Medical Assistant Course Schedule

The medical assistant program runs for 14 consecutive weeks.  Students are required to attend 2 classes per week, consisting of 4.5 hours of lecture per class.  During the last seven weeks, students are required to attend required clinical internship training.  This will be scheduled by the clinical coordinator.

Course Schedule

Wed. and Thurs. 6:30 p.m. – 10:50 p.m.80 Hour internship – time, location TBA

Course Location

This course is only available at the Modesto Campus.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Please refer to the tuition and financial assistance section.