Why is the tuition at Abrams College so much lower than other vocational schools?

This has been the most widely asked question in the history of Abrams College.  There are many reasons why our tuition is only a fraction of the cost of other schools.  Abrams College provides education and training needed for individuals to gain employment within their respective field.  Abrams College will not provide education for a higher price to teach students to perform skills above their respective job scope.  For example, we do not teach medical assistants how to operate microscopes and identify specific pathogens due to the fact that this is not within the scope of practice for medical assistants.  We do not teach our paralegals students how to give legal advise, under the definition of the practice of law, because that is the scope of practice of an attorney, not a paralegal.  Abrams College does not incorporate a medical billing module within the Medical Transcription program due to the fact that medical billing is a separate field of expertise.

Where other schools may teach skills that are often not applicable to the work of their graduates at a greater tuition cost, Abrams College focuses on skills that graduates will need on a daily basis that are within the scope of work for the respective profession.  Abrams College does not include expensive items within the tuition such as laptop computers, due to the fact that Abrams College is in the business of education and training–not computer retail.